Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Covage networks earn government high-speed designation

- written by Jean-Michel Soulier, President, Axia Networks France -
Three industrial areas served by Covage’s Next Generation Network have been given a digital “seal of approval” by the French government.

The ZA THD designation (Very High Speed Activity Zone) was established by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry to show businesses where they can access reliable, high-speed, high-capacity broadband. The government actively promotes broadband access as a key economic development tool and Covage has responded with its own parallel marketing plan called THD-Zone.

Only 11 business parks in France have been granted the quality label, which places Covage in the first place amongst other operators.

The first three ZA THD-designated industrial areas served directly by Covage are:
  • Jean Monnet in Vert-Saint Denis, on the perimeter of Seine-et-Marne’s Sem@for77 network segment east of Paris;
  • Les Sauzes in Clermont-Ferrand, on the Clermont Community’s Public Initiative Network in south central France; and
  • The Montpellier Airport Park on the southern Mediterranean coast.

Our THD-Zone plan covers an area that includes more than 10,000 companies in 228 Activity Zones across France. Twelve areas served by Covage benefit from the targeted marketing and communication plan: Angoulême; Caen; Chalon/Saône; Clermont-Ferrand; Nîmes; Toulouse and the region southeast of Toulouse; Arras; Creusot-Montceau; Dunkerque; Seine-et-Marne and Hérault.

Many of these businesses are very aware that being able to connect to Covage’s NGN gives them a competitive edge, as well as access to many more value-added network services. The Government quality label will help to encourage companies to contact Retail Service Providers in their area, which they can do through a dedicated ZA THD website.

Initiatives like the ZA THD designation, and government-supported Fibre to the Home (FTTH) projects such as the Chevry-Cossigny pilot project in Seine-et-Marne, demonstrate how a government can offer simple, practical support when it believes broadband Internet access is critical national infrastructure.

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